Q: I have a defective cable, what do I do? 
A: If you are a stupendously organized person and can find that receipt from that thing you bought 7 years ago on a rainy Tuesday night because you forgot to bring yours, great! (and please call us, we may have a job for you in the archives...) Go see your dealer with the cable and receipt, and they can exchange it for you, or send it back for repairs. If, like the rest of us normal folk, you washed your receipt or tossed it within minutes of getting home, don't fret, we will still take care of you. As long as we can see that it is one of our cables, we still stand by it. Bring your cable to your dealer, and they will contact us to make the arrangements.

Q: Do I need to register my cable for the warranty?
A: No need, the warranty is part and parcel of the product. Hang on to the receipt to makes things simpler, but there are no bureaucratic hoops or triplicate forms to fill out.

Q: What is this bit of clear plastic on my cable for?
A: The clear bit is a piece of heatshrink. You can print anything you want, slide it under and heat it with a low power heatgun or a high power hairdryer. It will shrink down to half its size, to keep the tag in place, and thus make your cable easy to keep track of. If you don't need it, just snip it off.